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Hirschfeld Continues to Provide Steel to URENCO USA

Lea County, NM (May 2013) – URENCO USA (UUSA) approved their third expansion of the nations’ most advanced uranium enrichment facility in December 2012 and as a subcontractor to Baker Concrete, Hirschfeld Industries is honored to provide structural steel for UUSA Phase III in Eastern New Mexico.

URENCO USA is the first nuclear facility in 30 years to receive a construct and operate license in the United States and the first to use centrifuge technology. Construction of the facility began in 2006, and authorization to operate came from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in June 2010. UUSA has been producing enriched uranium since that time and continues to expand its capacity with a goal of 5.7 million tSWU/annually.

Hirschfeld Industries has played an important role at the UUSA uranium enrichment facility since it’s inception in 2006 by providing steel for Phase I, II, and III - four structures over a seven year period. Over 10,000 tons of safety and non-safety related steel has been provided for the various structures throughout the facility.

Hirschfeld’s Quality Assurance program, one of the qualifying factors for the vendor selection,  adheres to 10 CFR 50, Appendix B, 10 CFR, Part 21, and ASME NQA-1. This ensures that structures meet DOE and NRC specifications for safety-related steel for nuclear safety. All stages of engineering, material sourcing, fabrication and delivery are tracked through Hirschfeld’s skilled managers and in-house enterprise resource software, bar-coding, and in-house trucking.

In the coming months, Hirschfeld will begin delivering the approximately 1500 tons of fabricated structural and miscellaneous steel, and 300 plus tons of joists for the UUSA Phase III structure currently under construction.



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