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Bridge Testing Machine Provided to Bowen Structural Engineering Lab at Purdue University

Hirschfeld Industries once again is doing their part to support steel bridge research and graduate students at Purdue University's Bowen Laboratory for Large-scale Civil Engineering Research. The most recent support is truly one of collaboration. As part of some ongoing research at Purdue, researchers needed to design and fabricate an axial tension testing frame with a capacity of just over 2 million pounds. While Purdue engineers designed the fixtures and frame, the actual fabrication details, in particular related to welding, were developed by the Hirschfeld team.

Big Machine
According to Professor Robert Connor, “The expertise provided by Hirschfeld in terms of detailing and fabrication was invaluable. While we were good at the designing the overall test frame, we knew that we needed help especially in detailing the frame in order ensure we could actually fabricate the frame efficiently and within our limited budget. The Hirschfeld team once again stepped up with support with both their detailing expertise and fabrication services. We can’t thank Dennis and the entire Hirschfeld family enough for their continued support of our research and students”.
The test frame was fabricated by Hirschfeld and then erected by Purdue students and staff at the Bowen laboratory. The financial support provided by Hirschfeld in terms of detailing support and fabrication reduced costs allowing Dr. Connor’s team to perform more testing and support more students, a key to advancing the steel bridge industry and producing the next generation of steel bridge engineers and researchers.


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