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New Video: The Tappan Zee Bridge Project

This is a once in a lifetime project. Hirschfeld Industries is proud to share this video about the Tappan Zee Bridge Project creating the New, New York Bridge. It is told from the perspective of Hirschfeld Industries with a focus on logistics and the transportation of the girders as they made their way from our shops in Bristol, Virginia and Colfax, North Carolina to being erected at the bridge site in New York. We also appreciate the efforts of The Port of Morehead City and The Port of Coeymans for their roles in this transportation story.

The Tappan Zee Bridge Project

Hirschfeld Industries was one of two companies which fabricated girders for the New, New York Bridge. Over the course of three years Hirschfeld fabricated, then transported over 1000 girders, over 800 of which were sent up the eastern coast by barge. The last of the barges left The Port of Morehead City in March of this year (2017).

The Westbound lane of the New, New York Bridge will be opening in July of 2017 with the Eastbound lane following in the summer of 2018. This has been an incredible project on multiple fronts: Fabricating girders standing 15 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 252,000 pounds is a feat in itself but transporting them required the combined efforts of truck drivers hauling the girders on trucks requiring 13 axels, two ports capable of storing the girders and loading them onto barges, and barges able to successfully pull these massive loads up the coast.
To all those involved in this almost completed process, thank you. With the combined efforts, creativity, and unwavering desire to succeed, of people both within Hirschfeld and outside Hirschfeld, we have accomplished something incredible. We hope you enjoy this video.




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