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A Long Overdue Opening: The Brian Lara Cricket Stadium

Brian Lara Cricket Stadium


The Caribbean Premier League held a qualifying match at the Brian Lara Cricket Stadium in Tarouba, Trinidad on Tuesday, September 4, 2017. For Hirschfeld, this is an exciting and long overdue event. Back in 2006 Hirschfeld won the bid to fabricate and deliver the structural steel for the Brian Lara Cricket Stadium. Over the course of the next two years Hirschfeld fabricated and delivered 1,800 tons of structural steel for the stadium. Hirschfeld worked with Consteel, who performed the detailing and BIM modeling, Populous f.k.a. HOK, who was the architect, Hafeez Karamath Ltd and Parsons, who jointly managed the construction, and BuroHappold, who was the structural engineer, to create a stadium with unobstructed views from every seat, including even the concession stands, that is capable of holding 15,000 people. 

The Brian Lara Cricket Stadium was originally intended to host the 2007 Cricket World Cup. Unfortunately, a combination of factors outside of Hirschfeld’s control resulted in the stadium not being erected in time to host the World Cup. In fact, the stadium was not completed and opened until this year, 2017!
On September 4th, the St Kitts and Nevis Patriots defeated the Trinibago Knight Riders by 38 runs ending 149 for 7 while the Riders were 111 all out. Cricket is largely popular in England and in areas formally part of the British Empire such as India, Pakistan, Australia and Caribbean countries. For those of you not familiar with cricket, it is a game that in many ways is similar to baseball, but has its own quirks and rules.

Brian Lara Cricket Academy

There is a bowler, who is like a pitcher; a batsman, who aims to hit the ball and score runs; a wicket keeper, who is similar to a catcher; and fielders, who aim to retrieve hit balls from the outfield and get them back quickly to prevent the batsman from scoring runs. This qualifier match is played in 20 overs, which is equivalent to about three or so hours of play. An over consists of 6 balls bowled by the bowler (pitcher) to the batsman (hitter). However, unlike in baseball, in cricket there are two batsmen on the pitch at one time. To score a run, the batsmen must switch places (as many times as they can) without getting out. Whereas baseball has bases, cricket has the wicket, which consists of three vertical posts on which two short pieces of wood known as bails rest, and if the batsman is not back in their zone in time, they could be run out. The number of times the batsmen are successfully able to switch places contributes to the score. Just as a homerun in baseball is a great hit, if a ball is hit and goes past a certain line, called the boundary, then four runs are scored, or six if the ball cleared the boundary without bouncing. However, unlike in baseball, just because a batsman hits the ball, his innings is not over, and the batsman continues to hit until he is out. This is how you end up with players who can score 50 or even 100 runs. In cricket, once you are out, you do not get to hit again for the rest of the game. 
The TV and digital rights for the next ten years of the Indian Premier League, an eight week long cricket contest with top players from around the world, just sold for over $2.5 billion, showing the commercial appeal of cricket and the strength of the Indian market.  There are some groups trying to bring a similar league to the USA, where a large Indian population exists.  Should they need any cricket stadiums built in the USA, Hirschfeld is ready to help.
Without doubt, this is a momentous occasion that has been over 10 years in the making. Hirschfeld is proud to have been a part of this project and celebrates its completion. We look forward to the opportunity to be a part of fabricating other cricket stadiums in the future.


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