Tons: 15,000

Contractor: Parsons

Owner: Arco

GHX-2 Superstructure

Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Hirschfeld fabricated approximately 15,000 tons of mostly very heavy structural steel for the $1.1 billion Arco Alaska GHX-2 Superstructure in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The project significantly increased the daily field production capacity of the Prudhoe Bay natural gas field by adding four tandem compressor trains. At the time the project was dubbed by the Department of Energy as “vital to the national defense of the United States.” 

The project utilized low temp steels and special welding requirements. The structural steel was on the critical path for all trades and essential to the ultimate success of the whole project. Hirschfeld met every milestone for this project. Delivery was to New Iberia, Louisiana, where the steel was assembled on modules and then barged through the Panama Canal to the North Slope of Alaska. The window for delivery through the Bering Strait and Arctic Ocean during the summer is approximately two weeks.

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