Tons: 15,000

Contractor: Manhattan/Beers

Owner: Harris County Sports and Convention Corp.

Architect: HOK

Structural Engineer: Walter P. Moore Engineers

Reliant Stadium

Houston, Texas

Reliant Stadium is a 70,000+ seat, 1.9 million square foot, multi use stadium for the Houston Texans football team and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It is the first retractable roof stadium in the NFL and consists of 15,000 tons of structural steel supplied and installed by Hirschfeld. The operable “high” roof is supported on two parallel “super trusses”, each 984 feet long with a clear span of 650 feet and a 167 foot cantilever at each end. Each “super truss” weighs 3,700 tons and is 50 feet deep at midspan and 75 feet deep at the supports. The operable “high” roof consists of two panels, each 385 feet by 240 feet. Each panel is framed by ten 30 foot deep trichord trusses at 50 feet on center. The trichord trusses have a clear span of 354 feet with a 15'-6 cantilever at each end and weigh from 160 tons to 180 tons each. The operable “high” roof is covered with a translucent fabric that is attached to the structural steel with 70,000 1/2 inch bolts in tapped holes. Each hole required a tolerance of 1/8 inch. The roof takes from seven to twelve minutes to open or close depending on the wind conditions. Hirschfeld also supplied and installed the roof mechanism under our contract.

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